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To All Congress Organizers,
Meeting Planners,
Our friends in the industry around the world and
All our friends planning to travel to Japan

The earthquake and tsunami that hit the northeast coast of Japan on March 11, followed by the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant have shocked and worried our friends around the world.

Under the mottos “Break a leg, Japan!” and “Let’s get back on our feet, Japan!” our country is returning to normal everyday life everywhere, with the exception of the disaster areas. To our regret, there are still people overseas who believe that post-disaster Japan is too dangerous. Therefore, we have decided to launch this web page to convey the realities of everyday life in Japan now and provide accurate, real-time information on the post-disaster and recovery situation.

We anticipate that the information on this site will serve to eliminate any concerns MICE professionals may have about safety and assist them in making well-informed decisions on the circumstances at present. We will provide information on the current operating status of MICE facilities and the dates of MICE events which will be held in Japan, along with relaying the impressions of participants at events in Japan. We are confident the facts will convince those who are considering holding MICE events that with the exception of the areas hit by the disaster, Japan is indeed back to normal and hosting MICE.

MICE organizers from international organizations and participants in MICE events:
when you visit Japan you will experience our unique culture and hospitality, and understand first-hand that everyday life and business in Japan remain unchanged by the disaster. After your visit, please convey to your friends and those around you that life here continues as normal, for residents and visitors alike. By doing so, you will make a great contribution to the complete revival of Japan.

We urge you to take the opportunity to hold and attend MICE events in our country, so that you can experience the wonderful and unforgettable Endless Discovery of Japan.