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Major Achievements of the Congress Corporation Group

Major Achievements of the Congress Corporation Group with emphasis on research and planning
Research, promotion, planning and consulting for conventions
Basic research for the promotion and convening of large-scale international conventions
Formulation of plans for holding large-scale international conferences
Fact-finding survey on overall organization/implementation of MICE conferences/events
Survey/Analysis of trends in post-conference activities of international visitors
Baseline survey for promotion of international conferences in Hokkaido's small and medium-sized cities, etc.
Survey on optimum approach to transmitting information overseas on inviting international conferences to Japan
Survey on promotional structure for inviting MICE Events to Kagawa Prefecture
Project to assist with formulation of next-term general MICE strategy for Sapporo
Conference research and analysis project for Sendai City (including survey/analysis of trends/potential in international conferences)
Research for inviting large-scale international conferences (Yokohama City)
Survey & analysis of international conferences, exhibition and events in ocean sciences fields
Research study on optimum approach to strengthening MICE functions in Yokohama City
Baseline Survey on conventions in Kawagoe City, Saitama
Survey/Analysis of promotional structure to support inviting & convening of conventions
Survey/Analysis of convention complex functions in Okayama City
Survey/Analysis of the future shape of conventions in Okayama City
Project to formulate master concept for conventions in Kumamoto City
Validation project on business model for supporting & developing MICE hubs
Survey on optimum approach to MICE sales in Tokyo
Study to validate the KPI for MICE
Survey of international conference data
Study to measure the economic ripple effect of conventions at Nagoya Congress Center
Research for the bidding process and preparation to bring the 10th Convention of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP10) to Japan
Editing and production of a guidebook for the Japan Tourism Agency on the promotion of international conferences
Member of Kanazawa City convention center research committee
Advisor for facility planning of new Kagawa prefectural gymnasium

Consulting for development of conference facilities
Knowledge Capital - Congrès Convention Center (Osaka)
CongresSquare Nakano (Tokyo)
CongresSquare Nihonbashi (Tokyo)
Project on preparations for opening of conference facility in metropolitan Tokyo (Marunouchi, Tokyo)
Survey on development of industrial complex on site of former Haneda Airport terminal (Haneda Airport, Tokyo)
Other consulting projects for regional governments on facility development